Forrest Y. Yu (于渊)

Hi, I'm 于渊(Yu Yuan). You can call me Forrest, or YY, or Y2. Feel free to look around.

My articles

I have a very bad memory, so I make notes when I read and learn. Here are some of them.

My books





These are my books. The second and the fourth are the Traditional Chinese versions of the first and the third respectively.

The English translations of the book names would be (if you don't read Chinese):

Orange'S: The Implementation Of An Operating System is also known as the 2nd edition of Operating System From Scratch, but it's more like a brand new book than a common second edition because it includes four more chapters and the book was re-typeset completely by myself (I was not satisfied with the typeset of the 1st edition). Furthermore, the OS introduced in Orange'S: The Implementation Of An Operating System is much more complicated than that in Operating System From Scratch.

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My project

The operating system introduced in my books is named Orange'S. It is a project hosted in Google Code. There's also a clone in GitHub.

My Knuth Checks

I have three Knuth reward checks (click here if you don't know what Knuth reward check is).

Knuth Check No.668 Knuth Check No.764 Knuth Check No.799

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Search "Forrest Y Yu" in The Bank of San Serriffe to see my balance.

My pages

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Forrest The Professional.
Books, Music and Movies.


I have several websites. This site is supposed to focus on mathematics, algorithms, programming language and other stuff related to computer science. There are other websites owned and managed by me:
The website dedicated to my book Operating System From Scratch.
My Chinese Blog
When I do not program, I scribble poems, essays, and short fictions for fun.
My English Blog
This site is supposed to be the English version of, but I haven't posted articles for a while.

About this site

This site is powered by Django, a Python Web framework. All my articles are stored as reStructuredText in database and rendered at "runtime". My choice of database is SQLite, because it's cool, easy to use and any site that gets fewer than 100K hits/day should work fine with SQLite. The site is hosted in WebFaction, a Django-friendly hosting service.



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